Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Where is everyone?

My moleskine is pretty much ready for take off. I do hope everyone is still interested in this project.

EDIT: Thank you for the comment, Josh! I'm glad you're still in this.

Welp, I suppose I will be patiently waiting and filling in more of my 3 moleskine pages until everyone finishes. :]


Josh Burggraf said...

hey hey allrght

thas looking great, love the teeth crest. I stalled out at color, other things kept cropping up, and rather than going with my instincts i wanted to change it up and plan the colors out.
Glad to see what youve done
looking forward to moving forward


david bessent said...

wow Monica, that's lovely! I'm still here. I'll post mine soon.

Anna Denise said...

Awesome worK! Looks like a great group you've got here!

ratty said...

wow, I'm so glad you got yours done! It looks great! I have not one, but two shows now coming up at the beginning of Oct and Nov, so I have focusing all my art-energy getting my stuff done for them, but I havn't forgotten you guys and will try to get my piece done within the next couple weeks.