Friday, June 27, 2008


Hey everyone! Just thought I'd make a post to show that I'm active and part of the team. I just ran into some delays with finding my moleskine. The art supply store closest to me is out of stock of their Japanese moleskines. If all goes well, tomorrow I'll make a trip to another art store to complete my moleskine mission.

Just want to say, I'm very excited and eager to draw together! And I'll post back here when I obtain my journal. Just so this post isn't text only, here's a piece I've been working on.

EDIT: I got the moleskine! Currently working on filling it in.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


"An ex-voto is a voting offering to a saint or divinity. It is given in fulfillment of a vow (hence the Latin term, short for ex voto suscepto, "from the vow made") or in gratitude or devotion. Ex-votos are placed in a church or chapel where the worshipper seeks grace or wishes to give thanks. The destinations of pilgrimages often include shrines decorated with ex-votos.

Ex-votos can take a wide variety of forms. They are not only intended for the helping figure, but also as a testimony to later visitors of the received help. As such they may include texts explaining a miracle attributed to the helper, or symbols such as a painted or modeled reproduction of a miraculously healed body part, or a directly related item such as a crutch given by a person formerly lame."

When I was doing the tests to get in the University in 1997, one of aunts promised, on my behalf, I had to take a head to Senhor do Bomfim church in Salvador, if I were successfull. I got in and on one weekend that year I took the head made of wax and took it to Salvador/BA. I got amazed with the number of ex-votos everywhere there. It was a very bizar scene in the church, that is supposed to be the biggest in that city.

I picked ex-votos to start my moleskine for this group and soon it will be finished to be sent off. I had to make clear that my moly has no theme at all, the ex-voto is just to inspire myself to draw something on it. The moleskine project is an amazing thing and I am very happy to make part of another group of great artists.

Let's make art, folks.

My best wishes to you all,


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ey Ey Hello

So yea- I was and am excited about this here project.  I got the book and promptly started trying to start.  Thing is, the enormity of an intercontinental showcase kinda intimidated me just a touch, and i reverted into photo refrenced portraiture.  What i was left with reminded me of drawings i would see advertizing haircut styles in my childhood barbershop.  I din rilly want that to be my lasting legacy, so Im gonna start a new one.  R-A-T-T-Y suggested i show the failed attempt, as part of the process...really flesh the blog out.  So heres what Im not sending to anybody.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

What's Up Everyone?

So do you all have your moleskines yet? I have mine and am going to start my piece this week. Why don't you all create a post letting us know if you have your moleskines or not, or if you've started your pieces, etc. Then we can figure out an exchange order and get our bad-little-selves going!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Let's Make Some Kick-Ass Art!!!

Hey Guys, as you can see our blog is up. So as soon as we all get our moleskines we can start this thing. Hopefully you all have ordered your books by now, or have mosied on down to your local art supply store and bought one. If you haven't then you should get on When we get our moleskines each one of us can start working on a drawing in our own book. There are 30 pages in each book and five of us in the group , so that means that each drawing should be about 5 pages max. We don't have to be super strict about this, actually I think it looks cool when the drawings overlap or blend together a bit, but we just want to make sure no one gets shorted on space. Once we all have our books and start working we can figure out a mailing/exchange order. Some other groups have made themes or media restrictions for their books, but I'm not so into that. I think we have a really talented and creative group of artists, so I would just like to see what everyone comes up with. If any of you decide you want to have a theme for your book just let us know. As you guys start working don't forget to post here and upload pics, etc so we can all see what everyone else is up too, and feel free to post about whatever else you want as well. Let's make some art!!!