Tuesday, June 24, 2008


"An ex-voto is a voting offering to a saint or divinity. It is given in fulfillment of a vow (hence the Latin term, short for ex voto suscepto, "from the vow made") or in gratitude or devotion. Ex-votos are placed in a church or chapel where the worshipper seeks grace or wishes to give thanks. The destinations of pilgrimages often include shrines decorated with ex-votos.

Ex-votos can take a wide variety of forms. They are not only intended for the helping figure, but also as a testimony to later visitors of the received help. As such they may include texts explaining a miracle attributed to the helper, or symbols such as a painted or modeled reproduction of a miraculously healed body part, or a directly related item such as a crutch given by a person formerly lame."

When I was doing the tests to get in the University in 1997, one of aunts promised, on my behalf, I had to take a head to Senhor do Bomfim church in Salvador, if I were successfull. I got in and on one weekend that year I took the head made of wax and took it to Salvador/BA. I got amazed with the number of ex-votos everywhere there. It was a very bizar scene in the church, that is supposed to be the biggest in that city.

I picked ex-votos to start my moleskine for this group and soon it will be finished to be sent off. I had to make clear that my moly has no theme at all, the ex-voto is just to inspire myself to draw something on it. The moleskine project is an amazing thing and I am very happy to make part of another group of great artists.

Let's make art, folks.

My best wishes to you all,



Josh Burggraf said...

thas a great starting point, an interesting concept that has a lot of possibilities

ratty said...

Wow Pedro...what an awesome idea for your piece! I love your expaination and the story about your grandmother. I am so glad you are in our group!!

Pedro Lucena said...

Thanks a lot, Josh and Ratty!
It is a great honour to me too to be in this group.