Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ey Ey Hello

So yea- I was and am excited about this here project.  I got the book and promptly started trying to start.  Thing is, the enormity of an intercontinental showcase kinda intimidated me just a touch, and i reverted into photo refrenced portraiture.  What i was left with reminded me of drawings i would see advertizing haircut styles in my childhood barbershop.  I din rilly want that to be my lasting legacy, so Im gonna start a new one.  R-A-T-T-Y suggested i show the failed attempt, as part of the process...really flesh the blog out.  So heres what Im not sending to anybody.



ratty said...

I have to say I agree with you on scratching the portrait - it just doesn't seem like "you", at least from what I've seen of your other work, although I REALLY like the scene on the last page with the little guys brawling in her hair -- you could work with that, or something similar...thanks for posting!!!

Josh Burggraf said...

i colored the lil guys the other day, if u wanna see em there over here at flickrs house of pancakes: