Saturday, November 22, 2008

New Address

Hello everyone, hope things are good all around. I moved all my worldly belongings today and have a new address. It is
550 Jefferson Ave
Brooklyn NY 11221
The above image, ill admit, doesnt exactly have a ton to do with packing and moving, but hes in the process of motion, and im away from any scanning i raided an old moleskine drawing...cuz a post needs an image, in my world.


Monica Ekabutr said...

Great! I didn't know you moved yet. I'll work on shipping out my moleskine this week.

I love that drawing too. Top notch.

Marty Harris said...

Beautiful creature!

ratty said...

great little bird creature!! Welcome to Brooklyn, the best borough in NYC!!

Monica Ekabutr said...

just thought i'd say i'm working on sending out my moleskine this week. sorry about the delay. the holidays just was not the time to finish.

Monica Ekabutr said...

EDIT: shipping out tomorrow! just wrote your address and packed it all in. i have defeated procrastination!

Burger Raff said...

hahaha thas great news,
looking forward to getting it!

Burger Raff said...

hey monica
i forgot your Flickr name and Flickr's search engine for people is stupid. So, heres hoping you get this question. Did you send the book yet? I ask mainly because im in mid battle with my new landlady. She has access to my mail...and i think shes withholding it from me.
and itll be even worse if find out shes holding the sketchbook hostage. lemme know, thankssssss