Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Post Up


So I wanted to leave room to play with, as that was the theme from the get go with this Moleskine, and I didnt do enough of that on my own first one.  Now it looks a little bare, but its time.  Time to get it on the web, in the mail.  Who wants it?  


ratty said...

wow this looks really awesome! I'll take it! I have had so many other things going on, and this group never really got off the ground, that I completely forgot about it. I didn't even know you guys were still working. Did anyone ever take yours?

Burger Raff said...

Yeah, Monica's got mine, we're holding the candle in the darkness out here. She told me she just contacted David, and I messaged Pedro...so who knows, we might be soon back in the thick mix. Ill be glad to send it to you toot suite, can you send me your adress again? Brooklyn something, yes?

david bessent said...

That is a gorgeous looking collab. Sorry I've been so quiet.