Thursday, May 21, 2009

blue sketch book

Hey Folks,
Yeah I've been in a slump, but that's over now. I'm ready to play. Here's my moly. Who shall I send it to?
the blue sketch book


Burger Raff said...

Oh shit I didnt even see this. I dont get updates for this blog so I forgot to even check. Looks great! Ill take it, if nobody else has volunteered.

ratty said...
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ratty said...

Wow I just saw this too, amazing! well worth the wait!! I cant wait to get my hands on it next, mine will be coming along shortly, I also just got Monica's in the mail from Josh and it looks awesome. I am so glad this group has been resurrected from the brink of death!

david bessent said...

Thanks folks! Josh, I'll send this out to you tomorrow.